In Luc’s words …

My name is Luc Daley and I am currently in my first year of studying Film & Video at the University of South Wales. I was fortunate enough to be asked to make this video after filming a scene for my first university project in St Martins.

In making this video my aim was to portray life at St Martins over the course of a Sunday morning in an intriguing and engaging way.  This intrigue was very important to me as I wanted to provide glimpses into the atmosphere and life the church emits. As someone discovering life at St Martin’s for the first time, one of the main themes that fascinated me was the relationship between the church and the wider community. 

I wanted to show the contrast between the peaceful and reflective church and the joyous feeling people bring to it.  Hopefully this video will provide a small insight into what it is like to be a part of that life.”

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