Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis (2010)

Festival Responsorial Mass (2010)

This setting of the Mass was composed by Sarah Passe

and first performed at the Requiem Mass for deceased Benefactors and Clergy of St Martins (celebrated during the Patronal Festival in 2009). The work is based on folk songs from the Tours region of France (where St Martin hails from) and contains a setting of the Dies Irae which contrasts with the wonderfully haunting setting of the In Paradisuum Sarah sings Soprano with the Liturgical choir.

These works were composed by Robert Dishington

who sings bass with the Liturgical choir. The Nunc Dimittis was composed for the Candlemas ceremonies in 2010. The Magnificat was first performed in June 2010 at Solemn Vespers to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Roath Ward of the Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament. (Hyperlink). The Magnificat is almost minimalist in its approach. Although the pieces were conceived as separate entities, they will be used by the Liturgical choir as a cohesive set of Canticles at future Evensongs.

This Mass, composed by Jenny Rimmer

(who sings alto in the Liturgical choir) combines a congregational response with choral interjections of the Ordinary of the Mass. The work evokes a variety of moods and the Sanctus was described by Bishop David Yeoman as “a true reflection of the majesty and mystery of God” after celebrating the Patronal Festival Mass in 2010 when this Mass was given its premier.

Vidi Aquam (2010)

Composed by Sarah Passe, this work was first

performed at the Easter Vigil in St Martins and is now used at the Sunday Mass during Eastertide. The lilting qualities of the opening soprano phrase are a reminder of the Baptismal waters. Although there are some dissonant moments within the music, the work is of an ethereal nature.

The Reproaches (2010)

Composed by Simon Hendry, this dramatic work

was first performed during the Solemn Liturgy of Good Friday whilst the congregation venerate the cross. The work is scored for organ, SATB choir and solo tenor who sings the Greek translation of the reproaches.

Responsorial Masses (2010)

Composed by the Director of Music, these are used

regularly at the Sunday Solemn Mass and are written for Cantor and Congregation. These include the C.B.S. Mass, composed in 2010 to celebrate 100th Anniversary of the Roath ward of the Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament. It is based on Plainsong themes associated with the Blessed Sacrament. Mass of Blessed John Henry Newman was first performed at the Parish celebration in September 2010 marking the beatification of Newman. Mass of the Blessed Virgin Mary (first rendered at the Midnight Mass of Christmas 2010) uses melodies associated with our Lady. Both the Advent responsorial Mass (2010) and the Lent responsorial Mass (2011) are based on plainsong themes used during the particular seasons.

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Other Music for the Liturgy

The Lords Prayer


02-Lords Prayer master MP3.mp3

Missa Sancti Martini (2008)

Requiem Mass (2009)

St Martin’s Commissions

Since the Renaissance, church musicians have written works specifically for their own choirs. In keeping with this practice, since his appointment in 2007 the Director of Music has been keen to commission new works for the Liturgical choir. Composers have given of their talents voluntarily.

Commissions are outlined below

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This setting of the Ordinary of the Mass

(in Latin and Greek) was written by Simon Hendry. Simon sings tenor with the St Martin’s Liturgical choir. Based on the Gregorian chant used for a responsory at vespers for St Martin’s day, this Missa brevis is a wonderful contemporary setting which fits well into the Liturgy.

10-Sanctus by Passe MP3.mp3 12-Sanctus MP3.mp3