We are a branch of a world wide Anglican organisation whose purpose is to be concerned with all aspects of Christian family life. The aim is the advancement of the Christian religion  within the home and particularly in the upbringing of children.

The beginnings of this branch date back over a hundred years. The churches of  St. Margaret and St Teilo, as well as St Martin are represented in our membership; we are proud that there has always been an on-going active branch programme of worship, meetings and social occasions for members.

Today the ladies continue this and welcome the opportunity to share in worship and social events of Mothers’ Union within Cardiff Deanery and Llandaff Diocese. Our regular branch meeting is on the first Tuesday of each month, held in church, beginning at 2.00 pm (except August) The afternoon begins with our Office of Worship, then a cup of tea and often a speaker whose topic can vary from My Experiences in M.U. to the Story of Tower Colliery or Holy Socks!

In Lent there is a Quiet Afternoon with devotion and prayer and in Advent the annual tea, where in thanks for all our great blessings we bring gifts for the ‘mums and babies’ to receive on Christmas morning at the Llandaff Diocese ‘Welcare’ home.

MU members share friendship and concern for one another and a  discipline as  the  day begins;  ‘First Thoughts on Waking’ when each remembers in prayer others more in need than themselves. There are several ladies who are ‘Indoor Members’ and so have special visits at home. Money raised here is given to support projects carried out by MU workers  in over 60 countries. Branch members support parish and deanery events.  

You are very welcome to come along to our Meetings

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Ministry of Welcome

Often when you arrive in Church for the first time you may feel that you are a stranger and on unfamiliar ground. There are always people present to greet you introduce you to others over coffee after the Mass. Whoever you are, whatever your age you are welcome.

Through the year we hold various occasions when we can meet socially together. This may be a Sunday parish lunch at a local restaurant or refreshments after a Service.  These vary according to what people wish to do. They provide a valuable occasion for us all to meet and enjoy each other's company.

Coffee and Chat after Mass

Every Sunday there is coffee/soft drinks and wine on feasts after the 10:00 Mass.  Also on Wednesday morning following the 10:00 Mass there is a Coffee Morning in the Music Room. This provides many with an occasion to meet friends and catch up on what’s being happening.

Your Special Family Occasions

Please let the Vicar know if you are celebrating a special occasion in your family. On a special wedding anniversary for example you can receive at Mass a special blessing, or if it’s your birthday we can sing to you!