Holy Baptism or Christening  is the beginning of our life of faith, baptism plunges us into the life Risen Jesus. Through baptism we die and rise again with him to a new way of life within his Church.

Adults seeking Holy Baptism are Confirmed at the same time and admitted to Holy Communion thus celebrating the Rites of Christian Initiation at one and the same time.

Children are brought to Baptism by their parents. Together, parents and god parents make promises to nurture these children in the Christian faith and worshipping life of the Church.

An an appropriate time they are Confirmed and admitted to Holy Communion.

The Vicar is always pleased to welcome adults and children and meeting with you help you prepare for this great and very important occasion.

Younger people and adults are prepared for their Confirmation and First Holy Communion as and when the need arises.

Please see the Parish publication

“Celebrating Forgiveness”

This healing and reconciling sacrament is available to all seeking God's mercy and forgiveness.  You can make your confession before/after any Office/Mass. You may also make an appointment to make your confession with the Vicar.

In order to prepare and plan for your wedding please speak with the Vicar.

Banns of marriage are also called for those living in the parish but being married elsewhere.

We seek to follow the example of Jesus by recognising both the beauty and complexity, as well as the fragility of human relationship.  We uphold the Christian tradition that marriage is a gift of God and is a sacrament celebrated between one man and women.

However, we welcome those whose marriages have been dissolved by divorce and we are open to the re-marriage of divorced persons. We also recognise the validity of civil partnerships and those who live with integrity in different relationship structures.

A sacrament is an outward efficacious sign instituted by Christ to give grace. Jesus Christ himself is the sacrament, as he gave his life to save mankind. His humanity is the outward sign or the instrument of his Divinity. It is through his humanity that the life of the Trinity comes to us as grace through the sacraments. It is Jesus Christ alone who mediates the sacraments to allow grace to flow to mankind. A life that leads us finally to the vision of God in heaven, the fullness of salvation.


The Sacrament of the Sick is celebrated within the Mass on the first Monday of each month.

See the Parish Weekly Notice sheet

It may also be celebrated in your home or when you are in hospital.

We seek the Lord's healing mercy and grace when our lives and situations are made less than healthy for many reasons.  The celebration of this healing sacrament of the Church bears witness to our firm belief that God has created us for wholeness and the integrity of our entire person.  In his ministry among us Jesus loved us so deeply that people brought into his presence found healing and peace.  In the celebration of this sacrament we come into the presence of the Risen Lord and he continues to love us deeply, so much so we can find in his life, love and grace healing.

Whatever it is that diminishes us we an come into his presence and find peace. The Liturgy is very simple. A priest will lay his hands upon us and then anoint us in the name of the Lord with oil blessed by the bishop for the healing of the sick.  The grace we receive from this encounter with the Jesus can and does lift us out of suffering to joy and peace.

God is always with us, nothing is more certain than that.  As we grow in closeness with the Lord through this sacrament we can often receive a new vision of life, a inner insight that sees everything, including ourselves, in the light of God's  eternal love.  This is the love that lasts for ever and no sickness, not even our death can withstand such love.  This is salvation, this is healing, this is wholeness.

An outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual reality

The Church celebrates Seven Sacraments, these signs established by Christ cause what they signify

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