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Visiting Musicians – Choirs/Groups

We are always pleased to welcome choirs and musicians to St Martin in Roath.

Over the years we have welcomed many such groups to either rehearse, perform or present a Concert. Some are invited to sing the Liturgically during the Celebration of the Mass.

Schools are welcome to come and make use of the larger space we are able to provide

The use of the Organ for practice is limited. Enquires for practice should be made with the Director of Music.  No recordings of the Organ are permitted without the permission of the Director of Music.

The Foundation can only serve to enhance and enable the music tradition which in itself serves the Liturgy here.  Also, it serves to educate and encourage young musicians.

The church is fortunate to possess a liturgical choir and cantors who ensure that our musical offering is always of the highest standard under the direction of Mr Philip Aspden BA, FRCO, The Director of Music

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The choir has a vast repertoire, ranging from Gregorian chant, through to Renaissance polyphony, works from the Viennese masters, settings from the Anglican choral tradition, 20th & 21st century works along with compositions written especially for the choir.

The choir comprises of adult, youth and (11+) and Junior sections (aged 7+).

Adult Members of the choir are expected to have excellent sight-reading skills and are expected to undertake preparation before each sung service. Rehearsals are usually held on a Sunday morning at 9.15am prior to the 10am Mass.  When the choir sings at other masses or services, it usually rehearses for an hour prior to the celebration.

We are always keen to welcome adults to join the Liturgical choir who have the appropriate musical skills and a clear singing voice. Whilst we encourage regular commitment from singers, we also understand the constraints and demands of modern-day life so are happy for singers to commit to a service (and honour that commitment) and let the director of music know that they are unable to attend other services in advance.

Youth members (usually aged 11+) attend the 9.15am rehearsal prior to the Sunday Solemn Mass and take part in the Voice for Life sessions following the Mass.  This offers a wonderful musical opportunity to young people, helping gain experience in both practical and theoretical musicianship. Youth members are encouraged to work through the levels of the RSCM Voice for Life scheme.

Junior members of the choir (usually aged 7+) attend the Solemn Mass and the Voice for Life session which follows. They gain experience of singing in a high-quality choral group and develop confidence to participate in hymns and sung responses. They also join in with appropriate motets from time to time.  There is no audition for junior members, but we ask that potential choristers have suitable reading ability and are able to display appropriate concentration levels.

The parish also offers four choral scholarships to those in full time higher education. These are offered following an interview and audition process.

For further details about the Liturgical Choir, or to express an interest in joining, please contact the Director of Music.

The Liturgical Choir's raison d'etre is to lead the musical offering at the Solemn Mass on Sundays and Holy Days during the Christian year at St Martin in Roath. The choir is affiliated to the Royal School of Church Music.

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