George Herbert (1593 – 1633), the Welsh born Anglican priest, poet and orator, in his poem Praise (which subsequently became the hymn King of glory, King of peace) probably gives the most succinct and appropriate introduction to the liturgical life of the parish when he wrote:

‘Seven whole days, not one in seven, / I will praise thee...’

Herbert shows us that our praise and worship of God, the λειτουργα (leitourgia, liturgy, literally ‘the work of the people’) is not a once a week single event, but rather a continuous cycle of daily prayer.

Powerfully linked with the people of God across the ages, that daily cycle of worship synchronises with the weekly, monthly and yearly acts of praise offered by the Church throughout world.

Again, George Herbert encourages us in this worship when in Antiphon he wrote:

‘Let all the world in every corner sing, / My God and King!’

The Parish of Roath St Martin is part of this cycle of prayer and worship.  Central to the liturgical life of the parish is the celebration of the Mass, which is celebrated six days a week.

The Divine Office, comprising Morning and Evening Prayer, is said every day within the parish. Even when the Vicar has a day off, members of the St Benedict Prayer Group (see below) maintain the praying of the Daily Office within their homes in the parish community.

So through acts of corporate and private devotion the liturgical life of the parish may be summarised again by George Herbert in his poem The Elixir when he wrote: ‘Teach me, my God and King, / In all things thee to see;

/ And what I do in anything/ To do it as for thee!’

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Saturday - First Evening Prayer & Benediction

Weekday Mass Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Saturday 19:00 18:00 10:00 09:00 09:30 Mass & Sacrament of the Sick first Monday of the month 19:00 SOLW  Rosary after Mass last Tuesday of the month after 18:00 Mass Confessions before/after any Mass or Office

Sunday School

The children leave the congregation during the Liturgy of the Word and go to the Vicarage via the Church. The Church in Wales Child protection policies are strictly maintained. They return to the congregation at the time of the Holy Communion during the Mass

On Solemnities and some Feasts there may be an additional Mass which is sung

The Mass and Sacrament of the Sick

Is celebrated the 1st Monday

of each month

The Society of Our Lady of Walsingham

Members of this group meet once a month to pray the Mysteries of the Rosary and make intercession.  We are linked in our prayer with the ministry and prayer of Our Lady's Shrine at Walsingham. Many of our people make regular pilgrimage to the Shrine. The parish arranges two pilgrimages each year.

Take a look at  www.walsinghamanglican.org.uk

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This is open to any in the parish who who would like to commit themselves to a daily patten of prayer and intercession.  There is small booklet in the Parish Publications menu.  Members of this group seek to pray a simple form of morning and evening prayer each day with an added time of intercession.

You may send us requests for Intercession. We will remember these each week during the Mass and at the celebration of the Divine Office.

Intercession Request may be sent to fr.irving.hamer@ntlworld.com

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