Most parishes these days produce what is called a Mission Statement. This is more of less a statement of how they perceive themselves to be or how they would like others to see them as a Church.

Any Christian Community is organic and grows and develops while remaining faithful to its core beliefs. Some words of the sometime Archbishop of York, John Hapgood come to mind when thinking about St Martin in Roath.

‘Only Catholic tradition is rich enough and stable enough to be able to offer something distinctive to the world without being captured by the world. But it must be a Catholicism which is true to its highest vision, and hence broad enough, hospitable enough, rooted sufficiently in sacramental reality, confident enough in its inheritance to be able to do new things, diverse enough, and yet passionately enough concerned about unity, to be genuinely universal.’

We seek to affirm, encourage, welcome

and care for each other. We celebrate the

gifts and graces seen in others and support the needs of

others in whatever situation they find themselves.

We are committed to telling other people our

story, the story of our own journey of faith.

We want to encourage others, at whatever point they are in their

journey of life, to embrace and hold fast to the teachings

of the Church and worship with us.

We encourage everyone to offer themselves through

their talents and gifts, in their time and in their financial

giving. We each give of ourselves in response to

what God in Christ has given us. As a Christian

we see ourselves as being Christ-like, so naturally

we want to give generously, freely, joyfully, responsibly

following Jesus.

We draw inspiration from our patron saint St Martin who, by cutting his cloak in two, demands that we look both at the resource that we create and possess, and the way that it is shared.  This is achieved by a personnel sharing our time, talents and money and by way of the St Martin Supporting Fund through which we give money away to support the work of various agencies helping others in their need.

As a Church we welcome people and recognise the

beauty of their humanity regardless of age, colour, gender,

or sexuality

We take seriously the Christian education of people

of whatever age and seek to provide a safe environment in

which younger people may be welcomed and encouraged

as they grow in faith and through the journey called life.